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Charles Carroll Follmer, compiler and editor of The History of the Follmer Family, 1899, wrote the following about the importance of learning about our ancestors, their patriotism, and their desires to serve their country:

"This history of the Follmer Family though very incomplete, is published with the hope that the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and their descendants will be reading it, learn to admire, respect, and glory in the history of this country, of whose flag, we of the present generation are so proud.  Coming to Pennsylvania when it was a wilderness inhabited by savages, they, by their valor, industry and sterling character helped to establish American Independence, created farms out of the wilderness, and were instrumental in framing the laws of the new country.  The wives of these early pioneers were no less valiant than the men, sending their husbands to the front to fight in the Continental Army, whilst they at home took the burden of the domestic career upon themselves, in constant danger of being scalped or taken into captivity by wandering Bands of Indians.

"All honor to them, and may we glory in the fact that such heroic blood is in our inheritance.  May the memory of their achievements live in our hearts and minds forever."

The following are tributes to a few of those who have likewise served.  If you know of other Fullmer descendants or ancestors who have served in the military, please e-mail the information that you have to us at fullmerfamilyorganization@gmail.com.


Leland Kent Horne

Leland Kent Horne was the eighth child of John Taylor Horne and Roxie Jane Fullmer, grandson of Samuel David Fullmer and Roxey Jane Kendall, great-grandson of John Solomon Fullmer and Mary Ann Price, and great-great-grandson of Peter Fullmer and Susannah Zerfass.

Kent was born in Almo, Idaho. . . . In 1939 Kent attended classes at Idaho State University in Pocatello where he enrolled in a special aviation class and gained his pilots license. Kent went to Los Angeles with two older brothers, Theo and Merlin where they all worked at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. He was able to enlist in the Army Air Corps as an officer in February 1943 and received his basic training at Merced Army Air Base. He received his Primary flight training at Hemet, California and went on to his Secondary flight training in the AT6 airplane at Williams AFB in Chandler, Arizona. Kent graduated from that training in December of 1943 at which time he was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant and received his pilot wings. He was assigned to Oxnard, CA for 5 months. In May, 1944 his group was ordered to ship overseas. His family didn't know his destination until they received a letter from him in London, and knew he was in the European area. June 19, 1944 was Kent's final mission. He was on a combat mission over France and collided with another plane. His body was never recovered. June 20, 1945 he was declared dead. He received a Purple Heart for Military Merit. Kent's name is engraved on a wall in the Rhone American Cemetery, Draguignan, Var, France. (Taken from a history written by Merlin Samuel Horne)


Today we went south. There was a big show—all of it in France—and our part in it was to meet a box of B-17’s near LaRochelle and see that they got back safely over the UK after having bombed their target. They [the P-38 Wing] were aiming for the Cognac/ Chateaubernard air drome but we never found it and it is doubtful whether they did either. Once again we ran into impossible weather—10/10th’s overcast from 2,000 to 29,000 feet—and when we got rendezvous there was no sign of bombers. Although they were contacted on the radio, they never did put in an appearance, and the group finally turned for home. This was a tough luck mission. Lts. D.D. McClure and L.K. Horne, 435th, collided in a turn at 28,000 feet over the Rendezvous point, and only one chute was reported. The 434th got it too---Lt. Ward kuentzel was last seen in a spiral dive at 28,000 feet with Lt. Frank Grdenich on his wing. At the end of the mission, the group had seven pilots listed as NYR (not yet returned) but later in the day three of them reported that they had been able to land at Goxhill, some miles north of home base, where the weather was a good deal better.


Adam Zerfass

Adam Zerfass (father-in-law of Peter Fullmer) served in the American Revolution. Here is an excerpt from a life history written by W. Kay Williams:

"When the Revolutionary War broke out, Adam enlisted in the Continental Army to fight the British. He attained the rank of Captain and commanded a considerable number of troops. Later, after the war ended, he fought in several Indian Skirmishes while still holding the rank of Captain."

OurNorthernRoots.com lists "Johan Adam Zerfass" as serving from 1777 to 1784.  It also states that he fought in the following:

  • French and Indian War (British)
  • American Revolution (US) - Northampton Militia
  • Battle of Brandywine, Germantown, Wyoming Valley
  • Frontier Indian Wars (US) - 1784

John Solomon Ferris

John Solomon Ferris was born 5 August 1840, Clearfield, Richland County, Ohio, a son of Jonathan and Charlotte Fullmer Ferris, grandson of Peter and Susanna Zerfass Fullmer.

An excerpt from the obituary of John Solomon Ferris:

"Beaver, July 29 (1931) -- Jonathan S. Ferris who voted for Abraham Lincoln at his first election, and who served in the Civil War as a private in Captain T.O. Morris, Iowa Home Guards, and as picket guard in charge of the post at Edina, Missouri, in 1861, died at his home here Monday, of a stroke suffered July 23.

-From the Peter Fullmer Family Newsletter, 1961

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      There is only a short, 2-paragraph piece of information on Emily Fullmer Tall on page 186 of the book “Peter Fullmer and Suzannah Zerfass, Their Ancestry and Their Posterity”, published by the Peter Fullmer Family Organization. This book is available in soft-cover for $8.41 on Amazon.com — list price is $10.00, but apparently Amazon is discounting it. There are some used copies available for much higher prices by some people hoping to make a nice mark-up, but I have made it available direct from the publisher through Amazon.
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