The Peter Fullmer Family Organization was established in 1951.  The organization has held reunions and published genealogical research since that time.  As reported in the 1958 newsletter, the purpose and duties of the organization are:

1. To promote the material and spiritual welfare of every member.

2. To maintain family unity and foster mutual fellowship, love and appreciation among members of the group.

3. To hold ever before them for emulation the noble spirit of the family forebears.

4. To compile a true record of every family of descendants.

5. To compile an acceptable record of every family of the progenitors of this father and mother of the whole group.

6. To centralize research efforts so as to avoid duplication in searching out and tabulating records.

7. To prepare and preserve interesting and reasonable complete life stories of ancestors and descendants.

8. To unite the efforts and resources of members to accomplish ancestral research.

Any descendants of Peter and Susannah Zerfass are welcome, as well as their spouses.